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  • molded rubber dust cover rubber boot

    Car Rubber Dust Cover

    Car Rubber Dust Cover is a car protective equipment to prevent dust from falling on the car. The used positions are mainly distributed in the steering mechanism and the transmission shaft. Other parts are also widely distributed, such as hand brake, foot brake, throttle connection, brake master cylinder, The pump and other parts need to be used.

  • molded wiring harness rubber grommet

    Automotive wiring harness grommets

    Automotive wiring harness grommets for cars protects wires from sharp edges; applicable to cars.We have our own engineer team can help you design the front door grommet

  • formed hose formed tube

    Formed Rubber Hose

    Size: as drawing Material: NBR/PET/CSM,NBR+PVC /PET/CSM ,NBR,EPDM,FKM/ECO Color: Black Certification: IATF16949 Application: Transmission System(Inlet hose&Return hose),Power Steering System(Inlet hose&Return hose),Brake System(Return hose&Vacuum hose),Fuel Supply System,Cooling System

  • Nitrile Rubber Hose Manufacturer

    Any Shape fuel hose for fuel system

    Size: Customized Size Material: NBR or NBR+PVC Color: Black Certification: ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 Application: car fuel system Temperature: -30° to +120℃

  • High Speed Railway Pad

    Anti Vibration Cheap Rubber Pad in High Quality

    Rubber Pad used in High Speed Railway or Railway Switch rubber pad, rubber pad, road rubber cushion, ballast rubber mat, railway rubber pad, road rubber Isolaion Mold Style: Injection or Molded;Size:as your drawing or sample Material:NR/SBR/EPDM ETC; Certificate:IATF 16949

  • professional rubber grommet solutions factory

    Black EPDM Sleeved Cable Grommet

    All kinds of EPDM Sleeved Cable Grommet which made in customer's drawing or samples,if you need,leave us a message.

  • Wiring harness rubber grommet

    Door Black Rubber Grommet for Cars

    Door Black Rubber Grommet for Cars design principle is easier to assemble and better sealing test.

  • Rubber door grommet

    Wiring harness rubber grommet

    Wiring harness rubber grommet has good chemical stability, wear resistance, elasticity, oil resistance.

  • professional rubber grommet solutions factory

    EPDM rubber grommet for cars

    All kinds of car door rubber grommet which made in customer's drawing or samples,if you need,leave us a message.

  • extrusion hose

    Black EPDM rubber hose

    Our Black EPDM rubber hose own excellent resistance to water,sunlight, ozone, and weathering.can be used in the car cooling system,washing machine,agriculture etc.

  • Flexible air ducts for auto cars

    Black molded air cleaner exhaust rubber ducts hoses

    Flexible air duct pipe transmission medium: hot air

  • Solutions for air duct

    Black air clean filter hose intake duct

    Black Air Clean Filter Hose Intake Duct can be connected together for longer applications,suitable for use in automotive, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and other fields.


Injection Molding is one of the basic processes for the processing of rubber products. It is a production process in which the rubber is directly injected into the model from the barrel, and the molding is completed and vulcanized. Mainly used in the manufacture of rubber grommets,sealing products and shock absorbing products

Rubber Grommet Injection Mold

The method has the advantages of short molding vulcanization cycle, less waste edge, high production efficiency, integration of molding and vulcanization process, simple process, reduced labor intensity, improved mechanization degree and product quality.

The injection process is five processes of feeding, plasticizing, injection, vulcanization and demolding. 

The injection machine is classified into four types according to the structure: screw type, plunger type, reciprocating type and screw pre-plastic plunger type. 

The structure of the vulcanization mold is relatively complicated. It consists of two parts: fixed mold and dynamic mold. It must withstand high temperature and high pressure. It needs high-strength steel and is processed finely. The operation of the clamping device is all mechanized and automated. The transmission mode is hydraulic and mechanical. However, the hydraulic-mechanical combination is usually required, and sufficient clamping force is required. 

The key to the injection molding process is to obtain good fluidity under appropriate temperature and pressure conditions, and to obtain quality qualified products in the shortest possible molding cycle. 

The main factors affecting the injection process are as follows.(1) Temperature(2) Pressure(3) Time(4) Screw speed and plunger advance speed(5) Rubber properties

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