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    Jul 2020

    Application and characteristics of corrugated sheath

    The corrugated sheath refers to a tubular elastic protective member connected by a foldable wrinkle sheet along the direction of folding and expansion. It has elasticity and can produce displacement under the action of pressure, axial force, lateral force or bending moment. The rubber corrugated sheath is formed by pure rubber material pre-molded and then vulcanized by high temperature molding. It...
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    Jun 2020

    Main application characteristics of rubber air hose

    Rubber air hose, also known as the intake pipe, refers to the section of air that enters from the intake port and passes through the air filter until it enters each cylinder. It is the main intake line of the engine and the total intake line. The air pipe is generally made of rubber after processing and vulcanization. The following are the main application characteristics of the rubber air hose: 1...
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    Jun 2020

    Custom silicone plug

    Silicone plug is a product that uses silicone as a raw material after production and processing, and has various functions such as sealing, dustproof, waterproof, soundproof and so on. Most silicone plugs are currently customized products, which can be customized with different colors and shapes according to different needs of customers. The following are the main features of silicone plugs. 1.The...
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    Jun 2020

    Selection of Sealing ring material

    The choice of seal material is of great significance to its sealing performance and service life. The performance of the material directly affects the performance of the seal ring. According to the material, there are mainly the following types: NBR sealing ring: suitable for use in petroleum-based hydraulic oil, glycol-based hydraulic oil, diester-based lubricating oil, gasoline, water, silicone ...
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    Jun 2020

    Silicone raw material processing products-silicone products

    The processing products that use silicone as the main raw material are all called silicone products. They mainly include silicone seals, silicone plugs and silicone tubes. It is usually used in various kinds of equipment connection, protection and insulation, automotive medical machinery accessories, etc. The characteristics of silicone rubber products are as follows: 1.Heat resistance: Among all ...
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    Jun 2020

    EPDM rubber Hose

    EPDM rubber hose is made of EPDM material after thermal vulcanization processing, generally extruded by an extruder (in a few cases it can also be formed by compression molding). EPDM rubber hoses are mainly used in engines, water tanks, radiators of automobiles and construction machinery. The technology of rubber hoses is generally distinguished according to the types of rubber hoses. In general,...
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    Jun 2020

    Automotive rubber grommet

    The rubber sheath is also called wire guard ring, wire guard and grommet. The English name is grommet. It is widely used in the field of wire harness protection for automobiles and various mechanical and electronic equipment. It is dust-proof and shock-absorbing, reduces the direct friction between the wire harness and the moving parts of the machine, and effectively extends its service life. Auto...
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    May 2020

    About FKM sealing ring

    FKM Seal is a sealing ring made of fluoride-based copolymer. Product models include high temperature resistant fluorine rubber sealing ring, food grade fluorine rubber sealing ring, acid and alkali resistant fluorine rubber sealing ring, oil resistant fluorine rubber sealing ring, fluorine rubber O-type sealing ring, ozone resistant fluorine rubber sealing ring, aging resistant fluorine rubber sea...
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    May 2020

    The role of various rubber sealing rings

    The sealing ring is mainly used for oil-proof, water-proof and anti-corrosion sealing gas to prevent leakage. The role of various sealing rings: O-rings are mainly used for static sealing and reciprocating sealing. The role of various sealing rings for rotary motion is limited to low-speed rotary sealing devices. The V-shaped sealing ring is generally installed in a groove with a rectangular cross...
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