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    Dec 2019

    Rubber seal ring

    Rubber seal ring is a ring cover composed of one or several parts, which is fixed on one ring or washer of the bearing and contacts with another ring or washer to form a narrow labyrinth. There are O-ring, Y-ring, V-ring and so on, which are used to install on various mechanical equipment, and play a sealing role in static or moving state under the specified temperature and pressure as well as in ...
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    Nov 2019

    Xiamen Fuste Rubber Tube

    With the application of unleaded gasoline and electrospraying devices in automobiles, the structure of the fuel hose has undergone great changes in the material, and the inner rubber layer has been developed to replace the nitrile rubber with fluororubber, chlorohydrin rubber or acrylate rubber. In order to reduce fuel permeability and further improve heat resistance, the inner layer rubber is mos...
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    Sep 2019

    Customized auto rubber tube

    The structure and materials of automotive rubber hoses vary according to their use, performance, function, medium used, and ambient temperature. The selection of rubber materials plays a decisive role in the performance of hoses. Automobile hoses are in contact with various media, and the use conditions are harsh and technical requirements are harsh. It is a composite rubber product with many vari...
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    Sep 2019

    Design of new rubber harness sheath

    The conventional rubber wire harness sheath generally has a circular hole in the middle of the sheath to pass the wire harness, and then a sleeve or a tail is designed on one side or both sides of the through hole to facilitate binding the wire harness and the rubber sheath with tape. , using the two does not produce relative movement. However, when the vehicle is at a non-uniform speed or the ang...
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    Aug 2019

    Steam with a rubber products for car owners

    In many car mat material, rubber and plastic is the most widely used, which mainly benefits from rubber and plastic material itself excellent skid resistance, wear resistance, anti-static, pollution resistance and other properties, an excellent rubber, plastic pad pollution resistance ability, convenient cleaning, by the majority of car owners love and welcome.What need to notice nevertheless is, ...
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    Jul 2019

    Rubber gaskets - common items in life

    Rubber gasket is to use rubber made after moulding, cutting, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, aging resistant, flame retardant, antistatic function, can be directly cut into various shapes of sealing gaskets, flexible cutting shape, is widely used in electronics, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, is a common life. There are silicone gaskets, nitrile rubber gaskets, chlo...
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    Jul 2019

    EPDM is a raw material for the production of rubber

    The most important characteristics of EPDM are the ability to resist oxidation, ozone and erosion, as well as excellent vulcanization.Among all the rubber industries, EPDM has the lowest proportion. It can absorb a large amount of fillers and oils with little influence, so it can produce rubber compounds with lower cost. By adding EPDM material, it can have higher tensile and tearing strength, hig...
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    Jul 2019

    Analysis of different kinds of rubber

    Classification of rubber Butadiene rubber (NBR) Advantages: excellent resistance to gasoline and aliphatic oils, second only to polysulfide rubber, acrylate and fluororubber, superior to other rubber. Butadiene rubber has good heat resistance, air seal, abrasion resistance and water resistance. Disadvantages: cold and ozone resistance is poor, strength and elasticity is poor, acid resistance is po...
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    Jul 2019

    NBR/PVC rubber and plastic blend material

    NBR/PVC rubber and plastic blend material The blend of NBR and PVC is the main rubber used in rubber and plastic.This method is the production method commonly used by rubber enterprises. It is simple to operate, low cost and can be changed according to the demand.The main advantages of this blend are both PVC ozone resistance and NBR oil resistance and crosslinking, and has a certain flame retarda...
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    Jul 2019

    Performance of different rubber materials

    Rubber is a kind of polymer material with high elasticity, different products have different requirements for different rubber, these requirements have resistance to strength, aging, high and low temperature, oil and so on.The properties of rubber mainly depend on the types of raw rubber used and the different formulations of rubber materials. Natural rubber (NR) has excellent resilience and is ma...
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