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2019 Guanzhaishan Tour for all employees of Xiamen Fuste Rubber. & Plastic Co.,LTD in autumn

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2019 Guanzhaishan Tour for all employees of Xiamen Fuste Rubber. & Plastic Co.,LTD in autumn

21 Nov, 2019

Xiamen Fuste Rubber & Plastic Co., LTD held the 2019 Fuste autumn staff Guanzhaishan tour from Nov. 15 to 17.All the employees participated in the group tour of Guanzhaishan,a national 4A level tourist attraction.The meaning of this activity is to find a dream,release and recharge.With a surprise,a way of life to meet a new of yourself,and interpreting Fuste humanized management,set up a new corporation culture.The tourism activity not only enhanced the sense of collective integration employees,but also laid a good foundation for mobilizing the work enthusiasm of all employees in the future.

The selection of the tourism route is:the root of life of guanzhaishan,the gate of life and shimen lake。The root of life which is in the valley of guanzhaishan longevity pavilion,is a bugehuge round stone column,high and big.It stands upright in the valley,between heaven and earth,pointing to the sky,filled with masculinity,giving people to advance courageously,the infinite daydream that struggles hard.After visiting, we had lunch and returned to the Tianyi hot spring hotel where stayed.soaking in a comfortable hot spring to remove the fatigue that comes from our body.Isn’t it an extreme enjoyment and relaxation for you?

The next day we went to Peitian ancient dwellings.This is a well-preserved group of ancient hakka village which has a history of more than 800 years.The village is made up of 30 high halls,21 ancient temples,6 academies,2 cross-street tablets and 1 kilometer old street.The area of the largest buildings is 6,900 square meters which includes nine halls and eighteen Wells.The workmanship of each building is exquisite and spectacular,which is full of    embossed,couplets,plaques stone carvings and so on.

The tour of guanzhaishan not only inspired the employees to be brave ,but also further enhanced the emotional communication between employees and the enterprise.At the same time,it shortens the distance between leaders and employees and strengthens the cohesion of enterprise personal.As the tourism welfare activity organized by the company,it also cultivates the sentiment of employees,relaxes our body and picks up a different self.From the activity,we realized that each of us is the owner of the enterprise and each employee is a family to each other.In the future,I will work with full of spirit and more enthusiasm to build our common home and the brilliant future of Fuste.

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