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Hot Sale Rubber Grommet

Rubber Grommet Manufacturer who with IATF16949 cert and also have more than 17 years in auto rubber parts with Engineer team can help you solve the whole solutions.
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Rubber grommet  for car door protects wires from sharp edges; prevents wire chaffing and shorts,applicable to car' door.

 Part Type: Molding/Injection
Shape: as drawing such as 2D,3D or sample
Material Composition: EPDM
Aging resistance: 120℃; Low temp resistance: -40℃
Vacuum Collapse resistance
Ozone resistance
Meet SPEC.: ASTM D2000,SAE J200 

Fuste Rubber and Plastic Company
Dong Feng Grommetrubber grommet with steel

Company Profile:

Xiamen Fuste Rubber and Plastic Co.,Ltd is specialized in the manufacture, sale and service for auto parts, especially EPDM,NBR,ECO,FKM,ACM&Silicone etc products.Our rubber&plastic products have been used in various industries, such as auto parts, transportation, electrical products, Industrial products and more. Main products: rubber grommet, dust cover bush,rubber washer,air hose,fuel hose,water hose,silicone gasket,engine rubber parts,,auto bushing, engine mounting and so on.


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