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Silicone Gasket and FKM Seals

Silicone Gasket and FKM Seals

27 Aug 2019

1. Silicone Gasket: Silicone products are widely used in electronics, medical equipment, food and other industries. The rubber type is selected from a variety of domestic and imported silica gels, and the use temperature can meet -60°~+200°. The product can meet the oil resistance, steam resistance, medical edible full transparency, high strength, flame retardant, conductive silicone rubber, etc.

2. Fluororubber(FKM Seals): Fluororubber is widely used in automotive, shipbuilding, military, electronic and electrical industries, working temperature -40 ° ~ +200 °, fuel, high temperature, freon, superheat resistant, steam and chemical resistant Corrosive.

As a common rubber material, silica gel has its irreplaceable superiority. In our Fuste Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd., silica gel is one of our more commonly used materials. We will use silica gel to make silicone rubber wire harness and other products. Sales. We have the strength to accept your reservation, welcome to custom.

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