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    May 2019

    Learn more about rubber seal ring - Fuste Rubber & Plastic

    The rubber seal ring is an annular cover composed of one or several parts, which is fixed on one ring or washer of the bearing and contacts with another ring or washer to form a narrow labyrinth.Type O seal ring, Y seal ring, V seal ring and so on, used for installation in various mechanical equipment, in the specified temperature and pressure and different liquid and gas, in the static or movemen...
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    Jun 2019

    Talk about silicone and rubber

    Rubber is the general term of a class of products, including many kinds, silicone gel is also one of the specific varieties of rubber. Rubber is widely used in our company, mainly used in automotive parts, such as automotive rubber gasket, automotive rubber mat, rubber bellows, rubber shock absorber pad, etc.Electronics, equipment, transport and other industries, bathroom equipment and fitness equ...
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    Aug 2019

    Several common sealing rings

    1.Type O sealing ring: type O sealing ring are widely used in all kinds of machinery, all kinds of petroleum base oil and various chemical medium resistance: don't use analysing can meet - 60 c ~ + 200 degrees Celsius (double fluoro rubber FFKM after vulcanization in a certain way can reach more than 300 degrees), the temperature of the area, using the pressure range: < 10 mpa (hydraulic), <...
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    Aug 2019

    Steam with a rubber products for car owners

    In many car mat material, rubber and plastic is the most widely used, which mainly benefits from rubber and plastic material itself excellent skid resistance, wear resistance, anti-static, pollution resistance and other properties, an excellent rubber, plastic pad pollution resistance ability, convenient cleaning, by the majority of car owners love and welcome.What need to notice nevertheless is, ...
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    Dec 2019

    Rubber seal ring

    Rubber seal ring is a ring cover composed of one or several parts, which is fixed on one ring or washer of the bearing and contacts with another ring or washer to form a narrow labyrinth. There are O-ring, Y-ring, V-ring and so on, which are used to install on various mechanical equipment, and play a sealing role in static or moving state under the specified temperature and pressure as well as in ...
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    Jan 2020

    Automotive wire harness protective sleeve

    As the network main body of a car's circuit, a car harness protective cover composed of wires, connectors, rubber parts, and wrapping tape is a very important car component. As people's requirements for automotive safety, comfort, economy, and emissions increase, higher requirements have also been placed on automotive wiring harness protective sleeves, such as a wide temperature range, good elasti...
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