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The Advantages of Rubber Grommets in Wiring Harness

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The Advantages of Rubber Grommets in Wiring Harness

20 Aug, 2021
Rubber Grommets are widely used in wiring harnesses. Let's talk about the advantages of rubber Grommet:
Rubber Grommets
Varied Sizes

The rubber grommets is the availability of varied sizes –They can be customized base on you requirement. You’ll have options for several different hole sizes as well as different panel thicknesses. You can customize rubber grommets that will fit holes/panels  as you want

Vibration Damping

Some types of bushings also have this property – preventing wires from being affected by vibrations. Those bushings have flexible “shutters” in their interior for wires to pass through, keeping them from the outer rim of the bushings. Rubber grommets on the other hand are thick and sturdy enough on their own to shield the wires from vibration.

The Elimination of Sharp Edges

Rubber grommets actually share this advantage with bushings. It is the main function of both rubber grommets and bushings. The biggest danger that wires face is getting damaged while passing through a hole with sharp edges. Rubber grommets fit holes of various sizes and insulate the wires from those sharp edges.

Water Resistance

Rubber grommets have strong water resistant properties. In addition to water resistance, they can withstand most modern chemicals as well as organic acids. This is added protection for your wiring, tubing, and anything else you’ll have passing through the rubber grommets.
customize rubber grommets
Aesthetic Appeal

This is an advantage that rubber grommets have over bushings. If the surface where the rubber grommets will be installed will be visible to others, it’s something you should consider. Imagine shiny tires on your car – it doesn’t matter if your car is an old dust bucket or straight off the production line, those shiny tires give it some flare. Rubber grommets are the shiny tires for your wires.

Those are the most important things to consider when deciding what protection to use for your wiring. Do you need a very particular size? If so, you’ll likely find a rubber grommet that will work. Xiamen Fuste have over 17-years of manufacturing experience in rubber grommets.  Let us know what you need and we will custom mold and compound your grommets to make sure they work for you.Any questions,please feel free to contact us via sales1@fuste.com.cn. I believe that everyone can purchase the ideal rubber grommet.

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