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Why chose Fuste Rubber hose Manufactuer ?

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Why chose Fuste Rubber hose Manufactuer ?

25 Sep, 2021

Fuste Rubber hose manufactuer can custom many kinds of OEM rubber hose for customer , and can help you check if the rubber hose can be reality and which place need to be modify .

Bend rubber hose angel

For an example :

An rubber hose should be >90 °

or it may have many defect kink mark during production like bellow:

Bend radius

When you do the rubber hose design , should check if the radius higher than bellow .

Every kind of rubber hose will working different bursting pressure , tempreture , and have different diameter , the application ,we should deisgn the thickness and tolerance based on these parameters .

For example :

The tolerance should smaller or equal the data listed above.the thickness should be higher or equal the data listed above.

Fuste can custom all kinds of rubber hose , include the FKM, NBR, ACM,NBR+PVC, EPDM rubber hose and so on . we not only help you with production , but also provide you different technical solution to help you with the design and save your cost . Welcome to call us sales2@fuste.com.cn

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